Gallery – The Mother

Introduction to the Mother's gallery

Many of the images presented here have been scanned from poor prints and therefore, in terms of photography, of mediocre quality; it is also a fact that I am rather incompetent in these technical matters. But I still wish to share them all, because I find that one can view many of them as one would paintings and they bear witness to a unique atmosphere, pervaded with the Presence – the attitudes, postures and expressions of all those included in some of the images, for instance, of activities in the Ashram, are a testimony to the Grace that enveloped them all. I have sorted them out in different panels:

Childhood and Early Years





Puja and Darshans

In Her room 62 to 68

In Her room 68

In Her room 69-70

In Her room 71

In Her room 72-73

Balcony North

Balcony East


Symbols et Signs