My experience of Satprem


Whole Paths (Book in French)

This text was written before the end of the last century.
I wrote it on a corner of a work-bench during the breaks in my daily work on the Matrimandir site.
But it was only at the beginning of this century that a friend of Francis my father, a publisher by profession, offered to take up the printing and the publication.
Thus was published, at the « Editions du Bord de l’Eau » this book which was only printed in a few hundred copies.
Since there was subsequently no effort whatsoever at distributing or promoting it, and on my part, from Auroville I could hardly inform any public, nothing happened at all…
When the possibility of creating this site presented itself, I wrote to the then publisher, to ask for the digital file. But this file had disappeared.
I then had to go to a local shop where I could have a new file made from the scanning of an old hard copy.
If I again dare to share this work, it is because I trust that it remains of a sufficiently good quality so that I may not be ashamed of it.
This text can be read in any of its part, as it is neither a story nor a tale…