December 2020: list of the latest publications in English:

This site is meant to gather various aspects of the one path which was opened for me by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo; as such, it is meant to be evolving.

It is for me the means to share several works which have taken me many years to complete, foremost among them my translation of “Savitri”, Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem.

I hope it will also be the means for others to find helpful materials for their own progress.

I see this site as a sort of welcoming mansion, the inner spaces of which can develop as they are experienced.

This site is bilingual – English and French.

This site was opened to all on February 21st, 2015.

During the year 2015, I was able to contribute a short essay titled “My experience with Satprem”, as well as the continuation of my chronicle “With Sri Ganesh”.

To hail and salute the year 2016, the 15th leap year since the Advent of the Supramental Principle on February 29th 1956 and the 12th since the Foundation of Auroville on February 28th, 1968, here is a longer essay titled “Another Choice” where I attempt to present the evolutionary role of the psychic being.

Thanks and welcome to all.

Recent Publications

December, 2020

Essay : Practical lessons 2020

... Here is an attempt to “sum up” all that this year 2020 allows and helps us to comprehend and realize: to be read in tranquillity...!

October, 2020

Essay : Rout or Passage

October 2020: And here is my third open prayer of this year 2020…
Welcome !

September, 2020

Essay : The discernment and the guide

September 2020: How to contribute, how to transmit, how to communicate, when each of us must negotiate at every moment the rush and onslaught of information with all its underlying moods and influences and yet grow more perceptive and able to serve? Here are a few jewels to share, like holding hands...

August, 2020

Essay : A next step

August 2020: here are for the sharing some of the observations inspired by this year 2020 which seems to be quite decisive; but “decisive” in which sense? It is for each individual to bring to it one’s flame of call.

May these lines be helpful to you.

May, 2020

Essay : On India - 1998-2020

At this time when most of us are demonstratively being taught the meanings of confinement and deconfinement in turn, it is my hope and prayer that it may also give us the chance to reassess our condition and that of India and that this reassessment and review of our priorities be done in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s action.
Thus this short text, as an offering.

Thank you for reading and sharing it as widely as you can.

February, 2020

Essay : How to call It?

Quakes and tears and slides by the earth, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes and tempests by the air, floods, deluges and tidal waves by the water, eruptions, burning forests, and lightning strikes by the fire – not to mention the legendary locusts, droughts and plagues and pestilence -, the situation would still be somewhat natural if were not added to it the monstrous damages that nearly eight billions of human beings are proving capable of inflicting upon this marvelous world.
Where are the right attitude, the needed position, the necessary action, where to find them, how to identify and develop them before it is too late?
53 years ago, Douce Mère had, on the occasion of the new year 1967, thus exhorted:
“Men, countries, continents!
The choice is imperative:
Truth or the abyss.”
With this new text, “How to call It?”, I have tried to make a sort of inventory of our condition, starting from the theme of the separation – and of the union.
We are all in front of … a choice, or a moment or an event, that cannot be expressed in words, for which words do not exist – but must be experienced.
However I do hope that these lines will be useful to you.

April, 2019

Essay : Questions and Meditations

This year, 2019, is already well on its way and the questions in our hearts are only more intense.
Let me thus invite you to this text = “Questions and Meditations”
These notations of meditative quests and of questions presented with open hands, have been made over several months in a kind of groping progression sustained by an aspiration to serve.
It is an attempt to contribute to the deepening of our reflection, freeing it from contingencies and participating in this way to the emergence and incarnation of more consciousness in our present human condition – an attempt to respond positively to the formidable assault we are all increasingly exposed to.

August 2018

Essay: "The Dual Avatar"

Please be welcome to a new presentation offered on the occasion of August 15, 2018, a book of images charged with Their Presence and Action…

January 2018

Essay: "Which town?"

Here I wish to share a new text I have just completed, first in French and later in English, on the town founded by the Mother, Auroville.
It is at the same time a testimony, a taking stock, an homage and a call.
It is a text the deliverance of which, as if of a child, has proceeded phase by intensely meditated phase, more akin to an interior integration than to an intellectual unfolding.
It is on the occasion of this 50th anniversary of Auroville’s foundation that I have wished to offer it and you will understand, upon reading it, which necessities I have attempted to address.
These necessities concern us all, wherever we live – unity is happening to us all, whether in destruction or in rebirth = the birth to a new State.
May this text be useful to you.

June 2017

A year has passed.

There is a growing acceleration all over our Mother Earth, which seizes all – all of us human beings, all of the earth species, every part and component of the earth organism…

An individual’s aspiration, an individual’s progress in opening one’s ordinary physical consciousness to a state of existence yet to manifest… even a group effort, a community or a collectivity’s endeavors to make way for a truer condition and a truer status to incarnate… is it possibly enough to counterbalance the devastation…?

Sometime last year I felt a need to better share some of the perceptions and experiences I was given over the years of my service with Sri Ganesh, the god, messenger and mascot and son of the Shakti…!

So I selected a number of the poems I have written within a period of about 8 years and distributed them in aspects, twelve of them as it turned out. Then I began to translate the original English text into French and realized that I had to return to the experience and find the right French wording, rather than make a merely mechanical translation.

In so doing I was enabled to appreciate the uniqueness of these glimpses into the true consciousness and its movements and how much, how much indeed its action and presence are needed – here and now, upon earth, in the body…

For it is a consciousness of unity and oneness, which can only yield harmony, at all levels and everywhere…

So here it is: “Saluting and Invoking Sri Ganesh”, which you will find in –Publications-Sri Ganesh.