A Collective Call on Auroville’s 48th birthday

project for a collective call 2016


Here is a series of articles on various topics contributed to the Auroville News and Notes during the years 2007-2008, under the heading "Viewpoints", each one having its own title. Click on the title to view the article:

Reflections on Communication in Auroville (17-4-2007)

Chronicles and Viewpoints – On professionals as a brand (28-04-2007)

Viewpoints – On Viewpoints (05-05-2007)

On the Property of Auroville (12-05-2007)

Who is building Auroville? (26-05-2007)

On Centralization (16-06-2007)

Movement of Consciousness (30-06-2007)

On the function of Symbols(14-07-2007)

On Development and Service (28-07-2007)

On Information Technology (11-08-2007)

On Agreement (25-08-2007)

On Displays and Statements of Intent (08-09-2007)

On the Practical Nobility of Civic Sense (29-09-2007)

On Politics (13-10-2007)

On the Need for Ethics (27-10-2007)

On Needs and Ideals(10-11-2007)

On Ribbons and Purposes(24-11-2007)

On Duplicity and Price-tags (08-12-2007)

On Schisms and Safety(22-12-2007)

On Cultural Inertia and Dharma (05-01-2008)

On Intents and History (19-01-2008)

On Borders and Companionship (21-01-2008)

On the Relative Merits of Criticism

Note on another publication

On Protection and Creativity (08-03-2008)

Viewpoints – On Forms of Address(22-03-2008)

On Evolution and Solidarity (05-04-2008)

On Chaos and Research (19-04-2008)

On Symptoms and Questions(03-05-2008)

On Powers and Equilibrium (17-05-2008)

A communication to all, regarding the Auroville Archives

On Choices and Investments (07-06-2008)

On Rules and the Unexpected (21-06-2008)

On Practicalities and Motives (05-07-2008)

On Youth and Meaning (19-07-2008)

On Nooses and Links (02-08-2008)

On Incarnation end Freedom

The New Spirit of Our Economy

On Crowns and Communication (30-08-2008)

A response to the proposed WC mandate for the Road Service (title entered by the editors)

On Journeying and Delight

On Consumption and Awareness (27-09-2008)

On Plans and Priorities

On Us and Them (25-10-2008)

On 64 and Solidarity (08-11-2008)

On Titles and Goats(22-11-2008)

On Certainties and the Unknown

On Offerings and Maintenance (20-12-2008)

On Various Collective Penances

A Personal Note from a Recidivist