Movement of Consciousness (30-06-2007)

Movement of Consciousness (30-06-2007)

In relation to the official Master Plan of Auroville, there is an interesting question deserving to be contemplated; it has to do with movement.

So far and generally speaking, in our human experience, movement is occurring in space and is synonymous with dynamics, with action.
And, in our general human experience again, each and every such movement or action at one time or another is bound to elicit, or to meet, its opposite.
Obviously: if one can go this way, one can also go the other way.
As symbols go, the Swastika is perhaps the most telling: it is drawn with its four branches oriented to the right side. Its wrong usage or application, making it turn to the left, is said to unleash the direst chain of events.

And so we have, for ages, had the sense of right and wrong movement, of opposites, of contradictions, of mutually exclusive dynamics.

However, numerous references can be found in the Mother’s Agenda, to an altogether different, other kind of movement: a movement which is incredibly fast, the speed of which far exceeds that of light, and which is yet immobile = that is, it does not move into space.
It is superior to radiation.
It is the action of the New Consciousness.

The official Master Plan of Auroville features a galaxy which seems to be moving to the right. And so we seem to be ‘safe’: at least it does not move to the left!

But this Master Plan has evolved through a number of stages.
Its first, initial avatar was different in character. It seemed to be immobile. It was like pulsating on all sides at the same time. It had great power; it was timeless and yet fully here and now.
It was of this first Plan that the Mother had said that it ‘had caught Her vision exactly’.

Does not that open to an interesting perspective?


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