On 64 and Solidarity (08-11-2008)

This was written partly in response to a survey announced in the “Auroville News and Notes” on how to rightly provide for the Aurovilians beyond 64 years of age; there was a call to all to give their feedbacks on the matter of ageing in Auroville, what may be missing, what one would expect of the community, what one would recommend… The initiators of this survey explained they had given it the appellation “64” after a famous song of the Beatles…

On 64 and Solidarity (08-11-2008)

We all, as a rule, spend our lifetimes filling up a persona and a role; we go through the motions with varying degrees of enthusiasm, conviction, confidence and resilience or, alternately – and at times, simultaneously -, misgivings, doubts, distress and suffocation. This role, this persona, is not given us at birth; it is more like a drawing to be outlined, then colored, hovering as probability, then rising along and through the multitude of choices, small and large, we seem to form or are driven to form.

Whether we call this process karma, moira, kismet, fate, destiny or chance, makes little difference; what makes more of a difference and may even turn what could otherwise be termed, most often, as a farce of comedy of illusions, is the quality of the bonds we forge.

Throughout the span of this experience, we blindly rely on Nature’s operations – which as a rule we don’t begin to grasp – to lead the body’ cells on their assigned course from infant to corpse.
By the time we have ‘matured’ and somehow managed to prove that we are trustworthy as human beings, we are faced with the prospect of degradation and degeneration.

The problem is twofold. Firstly, neither this role and this persona we have cultivated have in fact much to do with what and who we truly are – we are merely stuck in them for the duration, just as we pin everyone else -, nor our bodies, such as they are still conditioned to perform in their successive phases, bear much resemblance to our inner beings.
Secondly, while we, dutiful slaves, strive to enact our roles and honor our temporary contracts in this array of defined identities – and it is punishing work, no doubt about it -, while we submit to being this man, that woman, this child or that grandparent, we also and at the same time inwardly substantiate, silently, by purified increments, what we truly are; but the dimensions seldom meet… Graceful are the instants when they do…!

And so, in this massive, crushing order of things, welcome are the reminders of how profoundly subversive the Divine is…!

She, the Mother, has given many clues.
One of them is Her description of the new being that is preparing behind the veils its physical, material incarnation: a being of dense orange light, sexless, genderless and ageless.
It is for each of us to search for the links, the bridges, the connecting movements; and Auroville is a wonderful site for this exploration.

The view here is that this awareness may greatly help us to act in free and genuine solidarity when anyone among us, whether at 64 or at any other time, is experiencing a struggle with the current programming of our bodies.

At the service of the New Birth.


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