On Agreement (25-08-2007)

On Agreement (25-08-2007)

It is of course impolite and discourteous to belabor a point, as it tends to imply that one perhaps does not consider one’s audience as sufficiently intelligent to have grasped one’s meaning.
However there are points that must be emphasized again and again, if the significance of our endeavor here is not only to remain alive but to truly evolve.

The point here is the necessity to all agree.

In our collective and personal history, we are familiar with two stages of agreement: the first one is enforced agreement, in all its forms and guises; the second one is that of agreeing to disagree, thereby acknowledging and recognizing the diversity of approaches and experiences – democracy being the most generally accepted form.

And we have, each and all, at least now and then, aspired for the third stage: genuine agreement.

But the actual practice of genuine agreement requires such substantial change and progress that we seem to balk.

Nonetheless, Auroville will only begin to exist as a society when it will have entered the third stage and become capable of expressing it.

It is not as if we were clueless: we have been provided with a treasure of indications on how to proceed.
And yet here we are, resigned to voting on issues we do not even try to fully comprehend.

Perhaps then, a good service to be rendered to this collectivity would be, on a given issue, to identify all the existing viewpoints and perspectives and to present them to all for an informed reflection.
Viewpoints and perspectives greatly differ from opinions in that they are matured and upheld through experience.
Therefore they must be shared, and their sharing may of itself provide us with the sense of the next step, which would be inclusive, and creative.


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