On Chaos and Research (19-04-2008)

On Chaos and Research (19-04-2008)

Fractured ice-caps are collapsing, denuded mountains are floundering, poisoned rivers contaminate lands and seas; urban survival modes of living spread like cancer, scum and refuse accumulates like tumors, earth’s wounds fester; even outer space is polluted with the detritus of practical human wisdom.
Meanwhile almost every kid almost everywhere will do almost anything to acquire the equipment that is paraded every instant on every wave-length as part of the most desirable self-image of human victory, and the newly richest of the rich puppets boast of this morning mergers – and another farmer hangs himself and another dolphin washes ashore.

One would reasonably assume, in the face of such global, disastrous insanity, that other, unborn souls, would hesitate before the plunge… But, no, billions of us are pressing at the gates of human birth!
As if a perfectly irresistible magnet was lodged within the jaws of this monstrous, unprecedented calamity… Or else, is it to an apocalyptic process speeding up that all these sparks of existence are drawn? A process never experienced, unforeseeable and unpredictable, and yet one that every individual being will inwardly recognize?

The last ‘New Year Message’ our Mother gave was the most cryptic: ‘When you are conscious of the whole world at the same time, then you can become conscious of the Divine.’

We, in Auroville, have been provided with the keys to the most necessary, most imperative, research: to enter into conscious relation with the Presence in every thing, every movement, every moment, every relationship, every happening and every ounce of Matter and every pulse of Energy.

Being still such slow and tamasic creatures, we need purposes and aims in order to function and to ride the wave of life; but unless we actually practice this research, whatever we do is of little consequence before the tide that is rushing.
On the other hand, insofar as we are committed to this research, this direct finding, beyond all morals and prejudices, all ideals and systems, insofar as we each and together hold that vastness and that freedom and that trust, we must know that love manifest is possible and real Matter is eternal and the immediacy of Presence will prevail.


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