On Consumption and Awareness (27-09-2008)

On Consumption and Awareness (27-09-2008)

There is possibly a widespread – ‘global’? – confusion between knowledge and meaning, between accessing knowledge and becoming aware.
The current alliance of technology and consumerism is acting as a great leveler: while it tends to level all human societies to the single common gradation of financial and political power, it also establishes the reign of the undeveloped, untransformed physical mind as the single common denominator and filter.
All knowledge is thus treated as information which is in turn evaluated according to its immediate and short-term usefulness: the most judiciously cunning exploiter is the winner.

Few are the individuals and fewer are the groups who are capable, founding their action on actual awareness, to sustain without falling prey to this leveling an orientation that promotes meaning and oneness upon earth.

This is the age of the Equalizer: just about anyone can reach for just about any knowledge and it is a constant miracle that humanity has not yet destroyed itself.
This miracle cannot be explained!
It simply tells us that this is also the age of Choice, when mankind must opt for progressive meaning rather than for the coercive and destructive powers it can draw from accessible knowledge.

We here are unutterably blessed. Our guides and leaders – our dual Source and Anchor – have thoroughly, meticulously, lovingly removed every veil from all inner, occult and spiritual knowledge; foregone is the age-old demand of initiation and training: the Book lays open, every being is welcome to share in the deepest eternal mysteries.
But there is a most telling and sweetest irony: this unveiling is done in such a clear manner and language and yet the physical mind as it is cannot begin to grasp, unaided, any of it; without the positive influence of the psychic presence within, without the dimensional spiritual awakening, it simply cannot begin to become aware of the meanings conveyed.

We ‘know’ that, among all universes, Earth’s material nature is the chosen field of progress and evolution and that this is possible only because the supreme Consciousness is centrally present within each of its forms and processes and all their relationships.
We ‘know’ this but, unless we break through the dimensional wrap of the physical mind and begin to experience the countless meanings and relationships that exist beyond it, we are liable to treat this knowledge as just one of the informations that ceaselessly flood our precarious poise.

For instance She, the Mother, as an awakening call for us all to become responsive and begin to relate to the depths of meaning inhabiting material Nature, unerringly revealed the significances of hundreds of flowers; She unveiled for us some of the real magic this entire world is woven with, the infinite, sovereign charm of the Presence informing every manifest form and process.
She invited us to collaborate with material nature in the creation of a central environment in Auroville which would be the seed and cradle of true experiencing, wherein true ecology – the actual awareness of Matter’s divinity – would be collectively realized.

But what does our clever physical mind do with it?
It tidies it up, sorts it out and devises a neat, uncluttered, decorative ordering, complete with road-map and support system… It is all properly swallowed, leveled and organized: we are in control!
Where has the meaning gone?

The view here is that, as long as we remain consenting prisoners of this untransformed physical mind – this dull, restless, insatiable monster that would reduce the whole of humanity to its petty wants and gains regardless of all consequences -, as long as we do not bare it to the necessary transforming action, we shall also remain impotent and confined to a flashy hollow sham, deprived of meaning, left to our own devices.


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