On Displays and Statements of Intent (08-09-2007)

On Displays and Statements of Intent (08-09-2007)

‘The City at the Service of Truth’…, ‘The City the Earth needs’…: these, at the birth of Auroville, were two major statements of intent, rallying banners bold and powerful and filled with promise.

Almost 40 years later, there are less than 2000 of us who, at least in principle, are committed to offer themselves to the Force of Change and become ‘true Aurovilians’, living in and by their souls, consciously aspiring in every movement and every activity for the unification of the being and the manifestation of the true consciousness.

It is perhaps not so easy to gauge how far we have moved on the path of service to the Truth; however, slashing through our muddle of skilful arguments, it is possible to note that, Unity being the Truth of the Divine, our advance has not been quite triumphant.

It is definitely easier to assess, today, the needs of the Earth.
If the Earth is capable of crying, then surely we are all hearing its sobs and tears.

And, hearing it, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be convinced that the building of big, big roads with big, big machines and of big, big administrative offices for big, big people gets us any nearer to finding and providing answers to these needs.

Such displays, in which we invest the little power of action we are presently able to command, seem unlikely to help us achieve our essential purpose, which is not that of an ordinary township; and even an ordinary township, given the choice, would set saner priorities.

And so, it might be a good idea for us all to actively contemplate the two initial statements of intent, and how interrelated and even interdependent they are, and to make a sober inspection of the estate, count our marbles, and start afresh… What about it?


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