On Duplicity and Price-tags (08-12-2007)

On Duplicity and Price-tags (08-12-2007)

In the current edition of human modern society, one is well-advised to arrange for appropriate funding and a valid credit card before taking birth, and one cannot possibly afford to die unless one has already provided for the various expenditures to be incurred; one must also be prepared to sustain the continuous series of transactions that will occupy one’s sojourn between these two defining events, under the dictates of a self-reproducing, voracious, insatiable system of multiplying needs and objects.

In Auroville, though, we are meant to explore other options and even, perhaps, be so bold as to make them work!
Auroville is meant to break free of the spreading hypnotism and, instead of being taken advantage of, ‘to take advantage of all material and spiritual discoveries’, in our unceasing search for new forms and expressions of a new consciousness.
Auroville is meant to relate to an altogether other stream of development than that of the market-place, however globally it may flaunt itself.

In aid of this independence, Auroville’s constitution was blessed with a very simple and very effective clause: no property.
How is it then that we seem to be running back to the market with our ‘possessions’ on our back to get them priced?

We are meant to invest in Auroville unreservedly and with no expectation of ‘return’ whatever we can, whatever comes into our hands, and to know the simple delight of caring without possessing.

Yet we are selling lands that we are not even supposed to own, lands that were destined to endlessly fructify in so many ways – a kind of duplicity; we are renting and selling houses, valued at the market-rate, we are cluttered with all these possessions, these properties, and behave like paupers and irascible owners, when we are truly the richest people on earth: we are at home without owning it, home is wide and deep and a promise of growing beauty, home is not on our back…
Why do we want to carry such burdens of arbitrariness, when we are freer than kings?

The point here is that, should we let this trend pull us further back from the blessedness of Auroville, we will soon find that even smiles have price-tags and every inch of ground is spoken for.
This is clearly not what we want.
Why do we let it happen?


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