On Incarnation end Freedom

On Incarnation end Freedom

The actual incarnation of an ideal is, for much of what we still are, a botheration.
It is a troublesome affair that keeps disturbing us at the roots of the beliefs, assumptions, habits and prejudices which generally contribute to our sense of belonging, cultural identity and continuity.

Our ideal is very high and, by definition, it is all-embracing.
At least centrally, we want it very much to manifest: we are here because of our inner commitments to give ourselves to its incarnation, to become parts of its body, life and mind in the earth-atmosphere, and to learn to open to its other dimensions, so that it can spread, by direct contagion.

Therefore it is our duty to ensure that the life-energy and the mental activity we offer it are healthy and progressive.
It is our responsibility to ensure, within our present awareness, that no corruption takes place.
The term ‘corruption’ is usually meant to infer a loss of moral principles of conduct such as honesty and probity in relation to the acquisition of wealth, name, fame or political gains.
But corruption can happen a thousand ways to every living organism, as it can happen to any goal, any idea, any ideal in the course of their actualization.
It is a set of processes that interfere and tend to deny the physical realization of any truth seeking to manifest – be it that of an individual soul or that of a collective aim.
For an ideal to become concrete and operative here, the circulation of energies that are meant to express it in diversity must be healthy.

Thus, freedom of expression is an absolute condition: it must not be curtailed.
A constant awakening of the mental capacities, the ability to think for oneself, to question one’s individual self and to question one’s larger collective self, the constant growth of decency, courage, boldness, loyalty, care and frankness must all be mutually nurtured and promoted within the collective.
Fear and hypocrisy are pernicious and corrosive agents of corruption: it won’t do if exclusive alignments are allowed to form and prosper that demand and obtain weak acquiescence and obedience. It won’t do if we must beware of snitches, loose tongues and concealed agendas. It won’t do if the granting of visas or the allotment of socio-economic benefits are used to silence the indispensable critical faculties of those concerned.
For all this leads to the depreciation of the many opportunities for progress in the quality of our relationships.

Openness, respect, candor, fraternity are essential to the health of the adventure; we need one another, we need each other’s eyes and heart and perceptions and growth; there can be no taboo, no forbidden territory, no fenced subject of attention, provided we always hold good-will alive and never try to blame others for our own unresolved internal disunity.


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