On Information Technology (11-08-2007)

On Information Technology (11-08-2007)

Granted, this is really, like salmons – an endangered species -, going upstream…
But some viewpoints are indeed an endangered species, and here is such a one: however clever and all-knowing and powerful one feels clicking away one’s views on the Intranet or on one’s self-created blog, this new addiction does not appear in any significant way to enhance one’s capabilities to deal with the latest breach in the fence, the neighbor’s dog barking at night or the additional wrinkle.
In fact, it rather appears to augment our general inertia as our daily kicks and shots of technology further consume our divorce from the actual in favor of the virtual.

The mastery of any tool can bring about either one of two results: the power of control over others, or the capacity to increase conscious harmony in Matter.

The mastery of this technology we in Auroville must certainly acquire, but our mastery must be dedicated to the establishment and increase of an individual and collective harmony which does NOT depend on any tools but on consciousness.

Two instances: our present local administration suggests that, in the absence of a real consensus on any issue of importance, voting, even via Intranet, will do, and the resulting decision will be forever binding, as long as a 10% quorum has been obtained.
Is that a sign of a healthy collective research and adventure when we all know that one of our basic and essential laws and principles of growth is ‘to all agree’?

It is reported that, in our host country, India, the migratory movement towards the cities is accelerating; what are the projects we in Auroville have been able to form in order to help restore and honor the dignity, integrity, usefulness, richness and harmony of life in a village?

These are but two instances that show, at two different levels, that, even though we have the resources and capacities, we have not applied them as yet in the right way, or well enough, where it matters most…


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