On Journeying and Delight

On Journeying and Delight

The main weakness of the idealist, however brave one is, lies in the tendency to discount, or to shy away from addressing it directly, the basic contradiction that is lodged in our human nature and condition; the idealist usually prefers to invest with a kind of blind, superstitious faith, the virtual transforming capacity that must eventually radiate from the chosen ideal.

The main strength of the ambitious, driven pragmatist, however decent one is, lies in the guts’ feeling or awareness that, indeed, an essential or constitutional contradiction is securely nestled within Man as a species; the pragmatist considers that this deep-seated refusal is probably irredeemable and that the only practical wisdom available is to work around it.

We in Auroville are given the knowledge of a third way: to learn to identify a real, conscious Force of Change and to develop in oneself the willingness to let It work throughout our substance.

We come and we go; we return again and again.
We follow this journeying back and forth out of an endless love for this physical world, of which beautiful Earth is our queen.

The thing is, as long as the possibility, not of vain, static immortality, but of continuous, uninterrupted progress, is not obtained and does not emerge and create its own physical processes, all attempts are doomed to abort.

Yet, now that through humankind – the dominating species – complete outrage has been committed, bearing the signature of this self-same contradiction, all of our rhetoric has clearly and utterly and finally become irrelevant.
We see this; we know this; and because we see and know it, it is all the more necessary for us to try and practice the third position.

Even though the general racket continues with increased vigor and the corresponding, detailed mass of moral and physical sufferings keeps growing and lies and deceit and callousness appear to reign, it is all the more imperative for us to serve the opportunity given us.

True delight wants to be born and this material world is to be its cradle.
But we must each do our offering; fraternally.


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