On Needs and Ideals(10-11-2007)

On Needs and Ideals(10-11-2007)

Our endless, and largely tedious, discussions on how to achieve and promote our stated ideals might possibly denote a compounded misunderstanding.

It is a verifiable reality of this physical world that nothing ever gets accomplished without the irresistible drive of an overwhelming urge or need.

Avatars have stated our ideals.
As human beings, Avatars identify with all the resisting obscurities and offer them up in an absolute, imperative need for living Truth and in total surrender.
As self-realized beings, and elected Representatives, They hew the evolutionary path and channel the New Force of Consciousness.
They work in physical nearness, demonstrating ever patiently the validity of the Truth They incarnate; They work anonymously, through the pressure of Consciousness in the earth-atmosphere; and They work inwardly, as inner Presences and Guides, wherever there is receptivity.
But They do not go about seeking to impose, as the ‘good dictators’ we might be tempted to be, the reign of the New World.

In Their Presence, we may each become aware of an inner kinship of need, and They will nurture this need, if we let Them. That need, for the fulfilling, unifying, vibrant, deathless truth of tomorrow, will indeed grow, provided we also tend the flame.
But, without this corresponding need in us, the ideals we profess to serve do not ever begin to incarnate: they remain on their plane.
For instance, one of the expressions of this Truth of tomorrow we are here to realize is an internal economy freed from the exchange of money.

But why, actually? We may grasp the idea, but do we need it? Or, rather, does it answer our need better than any available economy? Has our need outgrown the known methods and processes, have the prevailing modes of economic interaction become to us so gross and ridiculous and obsolete that we can no longer comprehend their appeal?

The view here is that, although we all know intellectually that this is the solution of the future, just as we know what sort of education is required to serve the soul’s victory, the corresponding need is not awakened in everyone of us as yet; and so we argue and cogitate and analyze and it is all rather unhelpful.

What might well be more effective, viable and economical is to let those among us who can think and act out of a felt need and a clear urge to experiment and explore and practice, to do so. And not only to let them, but to give them the full support of the present organization.

This would surely be a wise and excellent investment: by the soul’s evolving need increasingly governing our movements, will the Spirit of Auroville manifest.


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