On Nooses and Links (02-08-2008)

On Nooses and Links (02-08-2008)

There is no denying the fact that our collective head is presently in the noose.
To struggle valiantly or to wriggle ingratiatingly, to holler our goodness or to remonstrate virtuously, to apportion blame or to scheme cleverly, it all seems to further activate the trap.
This is indeed an awkward posture.

There may be those who, for a little while longer, may indulge in thinking themselves immune but that, actually, is quite irrelevant.

To lie still, like the ostrich or the sleeping monkey, may not be such a good idea either: we may find, when we bestir ourselves again, that the freedom we took for granted has vanished like a dream.

But it does not waste any breath to ask ourselves directly how and why we were allowed to drift to such a pass; as we probably know the answer already – we simply have slipped back into self-reliance and the belief in our own wisdom -, this may serve as a first step towards listening again, and anew.
And to re-enter that yearning we used to have to be joined with deeper, higher, wider, more knowing and wiser energies.
To re-join that sense of an Auroville to be reached, rather than made, to become, rather than to devise, to unite with, rather than to organize.

For the thing is that, unless we join ourselves unreservedly with affirming energies of a truer life and condition, we remain hardly redeemable separate fragments.
Unless we stand with a will and a flame to break barriers and habits and divides, unless we stand in all circumstances for ONE variegated earth, ONE multiple being, ONE sovereign harmony and vouch, each and together, to learn the concrete ways of That Life, we are unworthy of holding that deepest human aspiration in trust, we are a fraud and all nooses are justified.

Unless, with all our actions, we seek the government of the Soul, for the Soul, we will not find the way to Auroville, simply because we will not see it. We will not see it because we will not be joined, will not be united with what SEES.

But if and when we do, the support and clarity we need to bring Auroville into Matter will find its required instruments and there will be communication and flow and all concerned human wills will be convinced.


(Note: It is perhaps relevant to note here that, when this last contribution was published, there were several reports in the same issue of the “Auroville News and Notes” that carried a fairly clear and positive ring; foremost were the minutes of the last International Advisory Council Meeting, which took place in Auroville a few days ago, in which, at last, the members unanimously took a clear stand in support of the uniqueness of Auroville as an on-going adventure, which must be protected certainly, but not interfered with; they also made pertinent comments and recommendations on the necessity for any planning in Auroville to include the existing local settlements and population. And that, along with upbeat presentations of various projects of general interest, sounded full of confidence in the present and faith in the future; and my own contributions appeared to me to be rather gloomy and futile and unhelpful. So I felt a kind of unease, as if my own, higher censor was fustigating with a summons to sharply review my own commitment to creative, progressive harmony…)

The next contribution was published on August 15, 2008, the day of Sri Aurobindo’s birth 130 years ago and of India’s Independence 61 years ago.
I found it interesting that in the same issue of “AV News and Notes” another contribution was published alongside mine, by my brother Jean-Yves (who had not told me about it), in the sense that it gladdened my heart that we both wanted to say something of the same nature, and both these statements came as offerings at Sri Aurobindo’s feet. Therefore, this note written by Jean-Yves is entered also below the one I wrote.

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