On Politics (13-10-2007)

On Politics (13-10-2007)

We all know that most human relationships are, in effect, based on a trade: ‘you give me, or let me have, what I need or want from you; I’ll give you, or let you get, what you want from me’.

Matters become complicated as each one develops an individuality: different parts aim at different objects.

Eventually, the emergence of an inner center and the unification of the being around it, do help, as they allow for the expression of deeper qualities, such as loyalty, self-giving, offering, disinterested commitment.

But then a question arises, the answer to which is not cheaply found (correction of the editors ‘not easily found’): of what does one, or can one, become the instrument?

More and more, regarding the present Auroville, the notion circulates that it is heavily politicized.
This is often said in a dismissive tone, meaning, well, that the time of seeking seriously to realize the ideal, is gone.
But it is also often offered as a little gem of informative helpfulness, meaning, see, you want to enter, you just need to ingratiate yourself properly, with judicious wherewithal, and you will get your place in the sun – or in the shade…

There is a view that this degeneration, or corruption, begins where and when, out of questionable wisdom, individuals or groups seek to instrumentalize other individuals or groups in order to serve particular agendas, to the seemingly mutual benefit of all concerned.
This exercise does appear to bear fruits, for a while.
But the price of it is very steep: the veils grow opaque, genuine trust is lost, and the sense of the experience of change and becoming that Auroville is meant to provide and protect is obscured.

Here the thing, perhaps, to remember, is that we have yet to identify and learn to practice true politics – which cuts through all temporal allegiances and party lines, dedicated to the harmonious and conscious collective receptivity to the highest and deepest force of evolution.
Our given dharma is not to wrangle for positions but to offer each and every one of our movements, seek to learn true discernment and open to true inspiration – for the benefit of all!


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