On Powers and Equilibrium (17-05-2008)

On Powers and Equilibrium (17-05-2008)

We want to evolve together to a condition wherein the collective will be a vessel and a channel for the power of Truth, whereby an atmosphere will pervade its every gesture and its every space with a calm, smiling, generous awareness, unjudging yet incorruptible, unhurried yet wholly intent and discerning in its commitment to an ever progressive harmony.
This is noticeably different in character from the condition we have generally experienced so far, as of a large, unwieldy ship lurching about under the steerages of various groups and parts of the collective seeking to exert the power of their respective, partial and relative truths.

In this groping fashion we have been subjected, for instance, to the French power, and are now somewhat hostages to the Tamil power.

Unlike those ever-postponed pavilions of the nations and cultures of the world which, by quietly contributing to the whole the validity of their respective inner developments, would have surely helped to hasten our progress, these entire psychologies seek to dominate the collective field and impose on it their own values.

The French power was not quite excellent for Auroville. Although it made points that probably needed to be made, although it possessed an enduring sense of humor and a strong dedication and a liberating frankness, its obnoxious arrogance and its judgmental activism hurt more than it built, and it eventually defeated itself through its own internecine, fratricidal corrosion. Some of it has survived in a more sophisticated aspect, reformed under the influence of the Indian culture of the self.

The Tamil power possesses a more basic sense of solidarity. It is shrewd and relentless in the pursuit of its own objectives – mainly social and economic status – and unscrupulous in its usage of arguments. It is watchful, observant, nimbly adaptable and yet unmovable in its set views. For, although it has access to formidable resources, it is rather devoid of vision.
But it hold the memory of exceptional collective realizations, of collective periods of true plenty, in which knowledge, power, beauty, fraternity were strong and leading, when the farmer would compose poetry or resolve mathematical equations, the weaver would let his hands dream hues and patterns and associations of the Shakti, when all, singers, administrators, potters and dancers and kings and carvers would share in a gentle breath and bond of respect and knowing.

Succeeding ages however have betrayed this state of being and the ageless maturity it has left behind is not by itself any guarantee that the future we need to reach together will be met.

The thing here is that we ALL, including the many who are net yet represented, hold equal parts of the key to that future, and that what is most necessary for Auroville is to first attain a living equilibrium where no group any longer seeks to direct its course.


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