On Ribbons and Purposes(24-11-2007)

On Ribbons and Purposes(24-11-2007)

As we seem to be told – ‘Cheer up, you people have done well, 40 years of your lives have at last come to fruition; here, dress up, time to be proud for the picture, we are… inaugurating! It is done! Congratulations!’ And as we perhaps nurse, discreetly, the slightest of doubts – we hadn’t quite understood that this was a monument, one more monument; we had in fact got so far out as to even feel it was a being, a force, a soul, but… what do we know? -, it might be salutary to remind ourselves, for the sake of our sanity and perspective, of what we have come here for…

We have come here to somehow serve the hastening of the advent of the new species.
This is what we have been doing for 40 years (or 10, or 2, there is no accounting for self-giving) and what we are actually doing.

This is not usually talked about: it is not a topic for meetings, is it! But it is not taboo either. It has been stated loud and clear from the first, initial clap of thunder: ‘And little by little the way to the new species will be revealed…’ We were assured of this: the way would make itself evident.

But how are we serving this hastening?
By gradually, bit by bit, hour after hour, through every moment of our continued faith in Auroville, through each of our trusting daily renewals, substantiating a milieu, an environment, an energetic field necessary for the labor of the new birth.

We cannot organize or plan this milieu: it must be the direct and spontaneous outcome of what we become as a collective.
This milieu is indispensable for the transition to the new species, not just as a protection or a shield, but as a realized level of harmonized, oriented energies, a surety of receptivity.

Each one of us has enough elements of experience to reflect upon the qualities or attributes this milieu must offer, de facto.

Peace, there must be peace; honesty, undisputed, unreserved honesty; it must be washed clean of prejudices; there must be humor, and beauty, freely flowing; it must be largely rid of tamas; the discernment and intelligence of the heart must reign in it; earth-nature must be present and revered in it; it must be purged of all ambition and greed; it must have developed a sturdy practical sense of adaptability…

Think of it: this milieu exists nowhere upon earth, and this is what we are meant to contribute to the new birth! This is the meaning and the whole point of our progress here, to eventually provide the new species with a basis of receptivity without which any transitional step remains a torture…

So, yes, let us cheer up – even while we must decorously hold the ribbon and hand the scissors, we may centre ourselves in the so much more real solidarity of commitment to the so much more realization of a milieu that is so much more needed, so urgently needed – for All.


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