On Rules and the Unexpected (21-06-2008)

On Rules and the Unexpected (21-06-2008)

There is no doubt that, at times, the guidelines and rules we design turn out to be absurd, if not idiotic. But they have one irreplaceable virtue: we made them, and so we can scrap and change them, and proceed with our exploration and our efforts, in the laboratory of Auroville, to genuinely and honestly offer our human nature and condition to the process of transformation.

There is no doubt either that, at times, the money at our disposal is not put to the best possible use, or is even altogether wasted. But, when it was given in love and trust for the sake of learning new ways and new forms of expression for a new consciousness, we have only ourselves to blame, learn our lessons, and proceed with our discoveries.

We know, as everyone else knows who really tries to offer their human nature to the force of change, that it is not sufficient to merely want to be ‘good’; one must also be fearless, as one falls times and again and must rise times and again, without expecting too much understanding from all the others who do not yet feel the same urge; and that one must have the perseverance to hold in the light all the contradictions that keep surging up, and turn the ordeals into new beauties and new harmonies.

One must not count on ‘success’ in worldly terms; in fact, given the forces that still prevail today, such success might rather signal a deeper failure on our part to serve the necessities of the real change.
As far as we are concerned, success can only be measured in actual and direct expressions of real unity.

In that perspective, we ought to pause and wonder: if vast amounts of money are about to be poured in, demanding that we incrementally endorse a whole package of rigid rules and obligations that are part and parcel of a huge machinery whose chief concern is not transformation but self-preservation, what does this imply in our terms of research and accelerated evolution?

Money, when it is not moved in love and trust, can act as a Trojan horse: the invaders use it as a vehicle to penetrate the site and establish their sway within it, through the imposition of their rules and conditions.
Such rules then, naturally, provoke an alertness to circumvent them and, soon enough, a whole pecking order is in place to catch the lucrative windfalls, which in turn helps consolidate the occupying force…; all such developments are then to be expected.

Is Auroville thus to be violated and reduced to a showcase displaying trendy cosmetics and a masquerade of universality?
Or is it not time, rather, to pray and aspire for the unexpected?


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