On Schisms and Safety(22-12-2007)

On Schisms and Safety(22-12-2007)

There is an understanding that true sacrifice is done three ways at once: to the Supreme absolute, eternal; to the Supreme in the whole of humanity; to the Supreme’s presence in every element and part of creation. Its movement is not that of a tearing apart, but of a matured offering: one holds forth the clarities one has gained or attained through one’s progress and pours them into the flame. When the flame grows full and straight with the renewed offering, one prays for further growth, the growth of consciousness, true consciousness, being and joy.

Auroville’s internal and inner history is riddled with the most damaging contradictions; it is also rich with lessons contributing to the training of our receptivity to the consciousness of the future.

One definition of Truth has of late been quoted, attributed to one important member of our family: ‘Truth is schismatic’…
This particular definition fitted Jehovah’s truth like a glove: the vengeful, jealous exclusivism that spawned innumerable schisms and conditional proselytisms, dividing the heart with the shadow of guilt and fear…

But we now know that this archetype is in fact that of the ego each of us carries around, until further notice.
Untempered, it breeds all our various fundamentalisms, our endless ‘them and us’, restless maps of the world.
Its misdeeds are obvious: violence, ambition and deceit; but its charms are also exposed: revolt, despair and romanticism… We are, in effect, not left with much that can be donned honorably, are we…!

Within our family we have judged and condemned and betrayed and dismissed and branded and cunningly slandered one another, all for the sake of Truth.
Yet Auroville is, precisely, meant to teach us to outgrow this self-same shadow.
Auroville is the missing key to the necessary shift of gravity: no more ‘us and them’ dictate within the heart, but simply Her thirst for progress.

The view here is that, the sooner we shall have learnt those lessons as one collective in time and space, the sooner true discernment will be released, infallible and tranquil and immediate, and there will be safety.


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