On Symptoms and Questions(03-05-2008)

On Symptoms and Questions(03-05-2008)

It is always wonderful to meet a person whose process of unification is well advanced and established: one is in the presence of, as it were, real civilization – at last.

Auroville’s collective persona, however, still emanates bizarre quirks, expressions and assertions of a kind of dyslexic behavior which belies its otherwise vigorous profession of faith.

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are unified beings: Their Consciousness is true and right and vast; Their utterances are universal and ring deep and far and wide. All of us here, whoever and whatever we are, benefit from the reverence and the trust which naturally flow to Them: They are the safety this world needs. Their movements may surprise our littleness, explode our cherished limitations, invalidate our rigid favored stances, but, no matter what, They take us where we really want to go.

Yet, in the name of Auroville – and thus in Their Names – our actions and our posturing are sometimes alarming and a matter of shame. This seemingly collective organization of ours still remains, largely, an unwholesome assemblage of separate parts.
Those few among us who have consistently manifested unfailing good-will towards all, whose deeds ought to be treasured, are left high and dry – such as this lovely elder brother who over many years painstakingly gathered the materials of Auroville’s impartial history, its memory, and who is now condescendingly given another airless, light less tunnel, so that everyone else may have a ball -, while competing and maneuvering for determining positions seems to increase.

There are too many questions which cannot, in the absence of deeper reflection, be answered.
Damning choices are being made all around: how did it come about that bureaucratic officialdom had to be permanently ensconced in the very center of Auroville? How did we arrive at this grotesque misuse of the term ‘Aurovilian’ turning it into an elitism and a caste and declaring that ‘outsiders’ cannot possibly be as ‘serious and sincere’ as we are? How have we decreed that ‘outlying areas’, where more farms, orchards, herb and vegetable gardens are indispensable to the thriving of Auroville and, by contagious example, of the region, are now to be disposed of, so that Auroville may become an island onto itself?
Surely such choices cannot have been dictated by either the soul or the spirit of Auroville?

The view here is not to encourage a chorus of harping – everyone has reasons to be indignant -, but to acknowledge that, prior to unity, unification of the collective being around its true fount of perception, choice and direction, is definitely needed, and that we may consider it worthwhile to study a bit more about the true nature of our jobs here…!


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