On the function of Symbols(14-07-2007)

On the function of Symbols(14-07-2007)

More deeply, more completely, more directly and with more evidence than all the words, symbols express and convey the intents of a collectivity.
They filter through our senses and physical consciousness and carry and channel more effectively and more accurately than any literature and any speeches the essence of what a given collectivity is at.

But, as for any type of language, there is a text and a sub-text, a stance and content.
There are symbols that are intentional, deliberate, meant to create an impression which the collective deems to be useful, to serve its aims and purposes.
And there are symbols that coalesce from the many layers of the collective life and existence.

Sometimes, not often, the intentional symbols are also those that are activated by the commitment and self-giving of the collective and its members; there is then integrity and consistency of purpose and a great strength of realization.

The approaching 40th anniversary of Auroville may well be a welcome occasion to assess the nature and value of the symbols with which we communicate, as a collective, with the world.
For, in the case of Auroville, symbols initially acquired their highest degree of validity: given directly by the recognized Guru, they were charged with spiritual force and the power of realization.
Given by the Mother at the birth of Auroville, along with its Charter, they were meant as living tools to help us practice the Integral Yoga in our very lives and thus become ready to receive something of the new species.

Auroville… ‘The City the Earth Needs…’, a precipitate of human aspirations and difficulties undergoing a change so profound and concrete that the threshold of a new life upon earth would become manifest, of an age of equilibrium, unity and ever-progressive harmony in Matter…, this indeed would justify the existence of Auroville!

The Mother gave these symbols from the Centre outwards, in their dynamic mutuality and their creative relationship with Material Nature.
It might be worthwhile to try and assess how much of their Shakti we have been capable of retaining and, by their measure, to evaluate what we have been able as a collective to express in life and Matter.

Is, for instance, the engineering of forceful lighting onto a hoard of gold likely to achieve what clarity of experience and generosity of purpose unwittingly but surely accomplish?


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