On Titles and Goats(22-11-2008)

On Titles and Goats(22-11-2008)

That unconditional respect is due to every being, every figure of existence and every form of life is a law universally recognized, but arbitrarily and erratically observed. Yet, it is easy to see that its generalized application would change the world. Why than has it been so largely and disastrously ignored?
Perhaps it is because, even though the ethical mind has conceived of it and formulated it, human beings do not as yet have the capacity to observe it: their nature must first unite with the oneness that informs everything.
And that, as we know, can only happen through the direct intervention of a consciousness wider, deeper and more immediate and present than the mind.

At the foundation of Auroville is the affirmation of the authority of true consciousness: its authority over our mental, vital and physical beings and, directly as well, over Matter.
Joining Auroville, we each commit to serve that affirmation by learning to open to, welcome and receive that authority and vibrate with the clear joy and freedom its increasing presence yields.
It works not through edicts and rulings, but through subtle pressure, quiet bursts of illumination, breaths of widening awareness and deepening ease and silent unveilings of our centers – and we each become a clue and a help to the others.

However, it would seem that we are letting ourselves be increasingly saddled with formality and the stale sense of our own authority – and that of important others. Being an Aurovilian today and not being an executive or sitting on some committee or functioning as a boss of some sort is almost a matter of shame and we seem to vie for a seat in this bizarre clownery and trading of authority.
And in so doing, we re-inforce our dependence on economic and social disparity and push back from us the golden invitation that had been extended; we re-produce the types of relationships we are meant to discard as unfit for new dynamics and call back to weigh us down a terrible inertia.

Respecting one another is a must. But deference, in our research and gradual discovery into the nature of true consciousness, is given to whoever, in any field, is best able to express and manifest the spirit of Auroville at the moment: for that, no title is required, only the genuine practice of our sadhanas…!

Let us not forsake that living aspiration and mutual complementarity, for, if we do, we may well find ourselves tethered like mistreated goats…!


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