Proposal for a Collective Call (2016)

The following proposal was shared as early as August 2015 with a few people here and there and some members of working groups, and again in the early days of January 2016.
Apert from a few vague responses such as “I love it, there must be a few others in Auroville who feel the same way…”, nothing came of it, even when I suggested it could be circulated anonymously so as not to burden it with any personal reactions of prejudices.

So here it is, to be shared at large by whomever wherever, for it is I believe valid anywhere actually.

April 2016.

A Collective Call on Auroville’s 48th birthday.

Proposal for an event requiring everyone’s willing participation.

“Auroville, the City at the Service of Truth”

We in Auroville are the ones, the only ones, who can do this work; not because of any special capacities or abilities or qualities of ours, but simply because we have been, when we chose to join Auroville, GIVEN this work to do: to serve the Truth, to serve the Future of the earth, to serve the New Consciousness.
In life, in Matter, in every act and every movement and in every thought and feeling, we are committed to strive to serve the Truth of tomorrow.
Individually, this can be attempted anywhere in the world.
But it is only here in Auroville that the conditions have been assembled for this work to be done by a collectivity, a diverse, voluntary grouping of individuals.
When founding Auroville, the Mother cast its seed far and wide in the earth’s consciousness, for an unprecedented action on behalf of humanity as a whole, to prepare the basis and the cradle of a new species.
Each of us has in so many unique ways felt and heard and responded to this call.
We all are doing our best, we have met with many contradictions and oppositions and obstacles and dangers, within and without, we are faced with apparently insurmountable problems and we are still fumbling with our minds for the way forward in whatever we undertake.
Almost 48 years have passed, 4 times 12, 4 revolutions.
Looking into ourselves, looking into our collective condition as of today, it is obvious we have allowed for a distance to interfere with our direct experience of the truth of Auroville, of the truth that seeks to manifest on earth, of the Truth the earth NEEDS.
While the whole world is being precipitated in the throes of a vast and often terrible transition, we are extremely and uniquely privileged here in Auroville, for we have been GIVEN the best possible conditions to serve the earth by calling Truth in our humanity, on behalf of all.
Let us thankfully lay down the burden of our pride – the pride of the doers – and turn again, with renewed intensity and the clarity experience has made us gain, to the true Consciousness, concretely and in all simplicity.
Let us all, individually and together, make an act of reliance, so that It may lead and inspire us and make Auroville an actual, humble transmitter and channel for the beginning of a new creation.


How and where…

There are supposed to be around 2000 residents of Auroville today; there are the many who in various capacities and functions contribute to the life and growth of Auroville; there are the many who, near and far, strive to support and strengthen Auroville and all those whose lives would not be as meaningful without their involvement with Auroville.
Let them all be invited to join in this Call.
Let everyone gather along the Oval road of the Matrimandir area, on the dawn of Auroville’s 48th birthday.
Let all the Auroville children and all the children of Auroville schools and the children of our neighbors and friends, help prepare for the Call, requesting all the gods to join as well by giving them a voice.


The Call…

In French, in English, in Tamil and in Sanskrit.
« Nous demandons à la Conscience nouvelle de nous guider pour que nous servions la Vérité et hâtions l’avènement de son règne sur toute la terre. Aum Namo Bhagavate »

“We ask the new Consciousness to guide us so we may serve the Truth and hasten the advent of its reign upon earth. Aum Namo Bhagavate“

(The Tamil text will be provided in time)


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