The New Spirit of Our Economy

And here is the note written by Jean-Yves:

The New Spirit of Our Economy

To be part of a group that has to deal with our economic guidelines is a worthwhile experience and everyone should be offered the opportunity.
One realizes that the main features of the Auroville project are slowly but surely fading: work done as an offering instead of a way of earning one’s living, the possibility for each one to find a work according to one’s aspiration, an organization as supple as possible to allow life to progressively evolve and learn, the reference to the psychic as the main determinant of circumstances, the disappearance of the exchange of money, the role of faith in the opening of new ways, all these features by which we have lived and worked, even when they were imperfectly grasped and applied, are now considered as pseudo-spiritual blah blah, childishly irrational, impracticable anyway and therefore out of date. The miracle is not on the agenda anymore: the ‘managers’ are at work.
In this uninspired ‘realistic’ vision poorly enlightened by the technological reason, the Aurovilians are meant to become merely the adjustable variables of the budgetary equation.
Those who came with a flame in their heart for the Unknown are invited now to become the willing servitors of the budget consciousness.
Let’s appreciate the savor of it. When I protested against this new spirit that is trying to take possession of our economic life, stating that this was asking the Aurovilians to betray their own offering to Mother’s vision, I was answered that this was only a personal opinion, therefore irrelevant. The vast dream that has created Auroville turned down to mere objectionable opinion: that says everything.


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