Viewpoints – On Viewpoints (05-05-2007)

Viewpoints – On Viewpoints   (05-05-2007)

The thing with viewpoints is that, since they exist, they are necessarily complementary. This seems to be one of the rules of this manifestation: it applies to species, to individual human beings, and to viewpoints as well.
Yet, as this manifestation is an evolving one, just as some species appear to dominate for a time, so do viewpoints.

There comes the matter of choice and purpose and, with it, the question of order and harmony.
If one wants to grow a rose garden, one must find effective means to discourage those forms of life that would be detrimental to the thriving of the rose plants, while providing for those that are amicable, protective and nurturing, until a living equilibrium is reached and established.

Auroville has as its purpose to hasten the evolution of consciousness and the advent of human unity.
It says that the only sure way to grow and develop this unity, this conscious unity, is through the soul – or psychic being – which alone is unerring in its awareness of the Divine, of the One.
However, each psychic being, according to its past and present experience, and secure in its inner union, develops unique perspectives.
Unlike our mental opinions, vital assertions, and physical habits, its perspectives are never exclusive: they never presume to be the one and only truth, and they never have any trouble in identifying other, different perspectives arising from other, different experiences.
On the contrary, they are gratefully enriched by it.

So, what is the matter with us that we are so intolerant, that we would rather silence differences with the sheer exclusiveness of our perspective, which we insist is a divine gift?
As long as it is rooted in the inner experience, every single other perspective is equally divine!

And that is the thing: rather than fearing the loss of purpose and holding on to the exclusiveness of one perspective or another, why not welcoming, identifying and combining the other perspectives present here and just as dedicated, thus multiplying the soul strength in its discovery of the future?
So we would grow a wondrous psychic garden, free of the drought of exclusivism and the parasitism of self-interested opinions?


Again, I had no feed-back as such, but, once or twice, in the street or on the road (I do not, in my present daily routine, go in places where Aurovilians gather), someone greeted me with a ‘thank you, what you write makes sense…’, and this is good enough for me.

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